Creating an Internet portal

What is needed to create an Internet portal?

Web portal - wide-web site that provides a variety of interactive services. The portal brings a wealth of useful information, data, statistics and full of lots of different. The presence of the Internet - portal need to ensure that large companies, firms can share the information necessary and useful for drawing attention to its products, reviews, news and much more. At this point in the network are such types of portals such as:
  • Universal (provide many services, and cover the widest possible audience);
  • Narrowly focused (carry a highly directional thematic content, and please only a certain number of people in relation to this subject);

Portal Development in Kiev and across Ukraine is quite long and troublesome process that takes time and requires maximum attention because they all made on the conscience, and without haste, grows and develops most rapidly.

Basic requirements for the creation of the Portal:
  • Individual graphic design with the logo of the site (follow the corporate style, if any);
  • Management of headings,
  • News
  • The ability to add different information
  • Feedback form.
  • Forum and other plug-ins (to customer).
  • Management training site (made travel specialist to your office);
  • Adaptation of the site for search engines;
  • Product warranty (extended to interventions in the source code of any third parties other than the developer).
  • Technical support (2 years);
  • Content: 20 pages;
  • Development time: 30 days;

The aim and purpose of the portal you define yourself! Mi guarantee that all efforts to develop sub-portal will not go unnoticed. But remember: "As you sow so shall you reap."