Create an online store

Design and create online store "turnkey". Need a Shop? Order your online store with us and you'll get a powerful tool for increasing the number of sales. Correct development of an online store - the key to success!

Online stores of our production have in yourself:
  • Individual graphic design with the logo of the site (follow the corporate style, if any);
  • Cross-browser layout (adapted by the popular browsers);
  • Simple and clear adminpanel (for filling and site management with the ability to create administrator);
  • Management of the catalog (using the visual editor);
  • Multilingual support;
  • Cart;
  • Search for products;
  • Order products on-line;
  • Photo Gallery (module);
  • Promotional items (module);
  • Registration of users to create an account.
  • Feedback form Wigeon (name; e-mail; the message subject and message field);
  • Management training site (made travel specialist to your office);
  • Adaptation of the site for search engines;
  • Product warranty (extended to interventions in the source code of any third parties other than the developer);
  • Technical support (2 years); 
  • Additional modules according to customer site;
  • and more
  • Development time from 55 days;

In addition to all the above online stores in Kiev and Ukraine, from our studio is fully adapted to the search engines, the admin panel has all the tools necessary to manage the optimization of the store.