KunKan Studio

Why qualitatively created website so important?

Website development, turnkey websites - it is possible!

The main focus of our company is to develop sites. Our approach to the development of web-sites - is to provide quality and effective solutions that meet the goals of the Customer.

Quality work is always fun, and positive results of both the client and artist. Therefore, we only do the individual approach to each task for each project.
Even at the planning stage, we provide several options for a particular task that confronts us with the client, with the everlasting difference between one or another option.

The simpler the design of operation and control - the less trouble with them in the future, but for all those "luxury" we come with the responsibility of even minor matters, as a trifle one can bring a lot of discomfort later.

The stages of creating a site usually looks like this:
  • Market analysis and estimated audience;
  • Development of technical specifications, including information and technical design;
  • Development and approval of unique design;
  • Cross-browser layout (the same map in current browsers)
  • Linking design to site management system;
  • The modular and easily extensible system;
  • Full control of all components of the site;
  • Using a database;
  • High speed of work;
  • It does not require unique skills and knowledge of the client or his manager, any employee will be able in our control panel add articles to the site in half a minute!

Also, the development, we offer the following services:
  • Writing specific software modules:
  • Development of specific applications for the site;
  • Adaptation of our technical solutions to any site;
  • The expansion of the site to the level of a larger web system;

After development we perform the following steps:
  1. Testing;
  2. Preparation, editing content (after giving the customer materials (up to 10 entries), to review the project with filling);
  3. Publish site on the server. The final testing;
  4. Writing and provide full instructions to administer our website;
  5. Handover of the project (the act supplements the contract for the provision of services);
  6. If necessary, provide hosting.

For the convenience of selecting the required components of your future web site, as well as for pre-calculate the cost of the work, we ask you to contact us.
Or download, fill out and send us an email form to calculate the cost.

All you need - is to contact us in any way convenient for you and present all of their wishes concerning the appearance and functionality of the site.

For more information about common types of projects and their description can be found in the side menu under the tab "Create Web sites."
  • Site card

    Creating an exclusive business card site

    Site card - a small representation of the company or person on the Internet. Despite its small size, site card can convey to the visitor all the information about the activities, services, contacts, etc. company. The optimal number of pages for a site visit cards 5 - 10 pages, as experience shows that more than enough to deliver information to the visitor.

    Business card site:
    • Individual graphic design;
    • Cross-browser layout (adapted by the popular browsers);
    • Simple and clear adminpanel (for filling and one control site administrator);
    • Feedback form Wigeon (name; e-mail; the message subject and message field);
    • Content: * up to 7 pages.
    • Development time: 5 days;
    • Additional modules according to customer site
  • Corporate Site

    Creating the Corporate site - exactly what is necessary for self-respecting company asserts itself in the market. With the help of a corporate site, the company has the opportunity to bring to the knowledge of all the new and old customers with detailed articles, news and services to the extended partition.

    The task of a corporate site in Kiev, Ukraine and elsewhere to be an agent, delegate, manager, representative of your online business and provide complete information about the advantages of robots with you.

    Corporate site contains:
    • Individual graphic design;
    • cross-browser layout (adapted by the popular browsers);
    • simple and clear adminpanel (for filling and site management with the ability to create multiple administrators);
    • management of an unlimited number of pages using a visual editor;
    • news module
    • Wigeon feedback form (name; e-mail; the message subject and message field);
    • Adaptation of the site for search engines;
    • product warranty (extended to interventions in the source code of any third parties other than the developer).
    • Technical Support (1 year);
    • content up to 10 villages.
    • additional modules according to customer site
    • development time from 12 days;
    • training and familiarization with the content management system (made travel specialist to your office);
  • Online store

    Design and create online store "turnkey". Need a Shop? Order your online store with us and you'll get a powerful tool for increasing the number of sales. Correct development of an online store - the key to success!

    Online stores of our production have in yourself:
    • Individual graphic design with the logo of the site (follow the corporate style, if any);
    • Cross-browser layout (adapted by the popular browsers);
    • Simple and clear adminpanel (for filling and site management with the ability to create administrator);
    • Management of the catalog (using the visual editor);
    • Multilingual support;
    • Cart;
    • Search for products;
    • Order products on-line;
    • Photo Gallery (module);
    • Promotional items (module);
    • Registration of users to create an account.
    • Feedback form Wigeon (name; e-mail; the message subject and message field);
    • Management training site (made travel specialist to your office);
    • Adaptation of the site for search engines;
    • Product warranty (extended to interventions in the source code of any third parties other than the developer);
    • Technical support (2 years); 
    • Additional modules according to customer site;
    • and more
    • Development time from 55 days;

    In addition to all the above online stores in Kiev and Ukraine, from our studio is fully adapted to the search engines, the admin panel has all the tools necessary to manage the optimization of the store.
  • Internet portal

    What is needed to create an Internet portal?

    Web portal - wide-web site that provides a variety of interactive services. The portal brings a wealth of useful information, data, statistics and full of lots of different. The presence of the Internet - portal need to ensure that large companies, firms can share the information necessary and useful for drawing attention to its products, reviews, news and much more. At this point in the network are such types of portals such as:
    • Universal (provide many services, and cover the widest possible audience);
    • Narrowly focused (carry a highly directional thematic content, and please only a certain number of people in relation to this subject);

    Portal Development in Kiev and across Ukraine is quite long and troublesome process that takes time and requires maximum attention because they all made on the conscience, and without haste, grows and develops most rapidly.

    Basic requirements for the creation of the Portal:
    • Individual graphic design with the logo of the site (follow the corporate style, if any);
    • Management of headings,
    • News
    • The ability to add different information
    • Feedback form.
    • Forum and other plug-ins (to customer).
    • Management training site (made travel specialist to your office);
    • Adaptation of the site for search engines;
    • Product warranty (extended to interventions in the source code of any third parties other than the developer).
    • Technical support (2 years);
    • Content: 20 pages;
    • Development time: 30 days;

    The aim and purpose of the portal you define yourself! Mi guarantee that all efforts to develop sub-portal will not go unnoticed. But remember: "As you sow so shall you reap."
  • CRM system

    CRM - a system for Customer Relationship Management (Customer Relationship Management, CRM) or enterprise-level companies, which is designed in small and medium-sized businesses, although the possibility of extended versions of systems can be used by large companies. CRM systems from KunKan Studio built on proven, fast, and reliable technologies (Apache, MySQL, PHP, which can run on Linux / Windows), which gives confidence that the system as a set, so it is up and running by the end of the world.

    Configuring the CRM system is not complicated, like Apache, MySQL, and PHP may already be installed on your server (in the office or on site) or installed by our specialist, and binaries are available for operating systems like Windows, and Linux. You do not have to worry about setting up a database, Web server and other software, we will do it for you.

    In addition, CRM systems from KunKan Studio provides a significant increase in productivity of the company's business with such additional funds as a generator contracts, reminder system staff, various levels of access to different database partitions, and much more. All these extensions are part of the project CRM.

    The main modules:
    •   Account Management staff (the number is unlimited)
      •         administrators of the system - the "main user" who has the authority to:
        •             create accounts for lower
        •             manage all accounts within the global system (scheduling, client base and contractors, etc.)
      •         heads of departments, the powers:
        •             may be linked to it of employees-managers
        •             manage all records within their department (their projects and projects of subordinates, it applies to the scheduler)
        •             the scheduler sees the problem and all its subordinate managers (or can manage them)
      •         managers, the authority:
        •             manage records within their projects and tasks, can only use a "global search" for the customer base (determining whether the client is already in the database, etc.)
        •             the scheduler sees only their problem (they can be fully controlled)
    •     Managing a result of the negotiations with reference to the organization of the client (as base)
    •     Managing partners (representatives of the client)
      •         unlimited number of counterparties for each client organization from the database
      •         information on contacts with the contractor
      •         date of the next contact (automatically synchronized splanirovschikom)
      •         position, etc.
    •     Contact Management
      •         contact the client company
      •         contact the client company contractors
    •     Planner
      •         Office of reminders of the event
      •         Create a report on the implementation of
      •         Monitoring of "Honesty" employee administrator ("good faith" of employees see only the administrator)
      •         synchronization with the history of the negotiations and related data to the base contracting organizations
    •     Panel Reports and Analysis (statistics on various criteria, discussed and implemented according to your needs)
    •     Generator contracts (developed separately according to your standards and installed optional)
    •     Ability to work as a system on a local server in the office or on an external server
    •     The minimum load on the network or computer employee
    •     Nepriveredlivost to the power of the computer
    •     Work through any modern browser
    •     You can work without any special skills and knowledge of large complex systems
    •     The intuitive interface
    •     Ability to work in the system even from the travel and field work (roughly, "to object" to the line) in the presence of the Internet and the possibility of external access to the system (in the case of installing the system on an external server or allow external access to the local server's security policy office)

    The screenshots shows an example of a CRM system interface layout production KunKan Studio.

    The CRM system from KunKan Studio is created individually for each customer, since it can not be in need of each client in the same as someone else, at least in some ways, but it will be opposed. CRM system makes it possible to install extensions, additional Modum, modernizitsii, and much more.

    The system itself is on the Web rabotet interface with virtually any server and can be controlled from any browser installed on your computer. To use all the features do not need to possess special skills, the interface is intuitive, but with all this, our expert if necessary, will train your staff use CRM system. Plus, technical support has not been canceled! Our employees during working hours to answer your questions on the use of the system.