Why qualitatively created website so important?

Website development, turnkey websites - it is possible!

The main focus of our company is to develop sites. Our approach to the development of web-sites - is to provide quality and effective solutions that meet the goals of the Customer.

Quality work is always fun, and positive results of both the client and artist. Therefore, we only do the individual approach to each task for each project.
Even at the planning stage, we provide several options for a particular task that confronts us with the client, with the everlasting difference between one or another option.

The simpler the design of operation and control - the less trouble with them in the future, but for all those "luxury" we come with the responsibility of even minor matters, as a trifle one can bring a lot of discomfort later.

The stages of creating a site usually looks like this:
  • Market analysis and estimated audience;
  • Development of technical specifications, including information and technical design;
  • Development and approval of unique design;
  • Cross-browser layout (the same map in current browsers)
  • Linking design to site management system;
  • The modular and easily extensible system;
  • Full control of all components of the site;
  • Using a database;
  • High speed of work;
  • It does not require unique skills and knowledge of the client or his manager, any employee will be able in our control panel add articles to the site in half a minute!

Also, the development, we offer the following services:
  • Writing specific software modules:
  • Development of specific applications for the site;
  • Adaptation of our technical solutions to any site;
  • The expansion of the site to the level of a larger web system;

After development we perform the following steps:
  1. Testing;
  2. Preparation, editing content (after giving the customer materials (up to 10 entries), to review the project with filling);
  3. Publish site on the server. The final testing;
  4. Writing and provide full instructions to administer our website;
  5. Handover of the project (the act supplements the contract for the provision of services);
  6. If necessary, provide hosting.

For the convenience of selecting the required components of your future web site, as well as for pre-calculate the cost of the work, we ask you to contact us.
Or download, fill out and send us an email form to calculate the cost.

All you need - is to contact us in any way convenient for you and present all of their wishes concerning the appearance and functionality of the site.

For more information about common types of projects and their description can be found in the side menu under the tab "Create Web sites."