Advantages KunKan Studio

KunKan Studio - a team of young professionals whose enthusiasm does not know borders. As in the common phrase 'every whim for your money, "we realize your standard or routine tasks in the area of ??the site, design, branding, CRM systems, and more.

Web site development, graphic works and other services proizoditsya separately for each customer without the use of third-party content management systems (CMS), except for very special occasions. We create only the individual projects for each client.

Development of a web site we have made taking into account search engine optimization. Create a site for us - get a 100% seo - optimized product that will appeal to all search engines.

The control system will help develop our bezpripyatstvenno manage all aspects of the site and its content without having to have special training. The control panel can also be adapted to the needs of particular client, regardless of its specific requirements.

All the work we are trying to perform in a period of 3 working days! At work we have created the guarantee, which is not measured in terms of, if the code was not third-party intervention, and drawings will only be exclusive.

The principles of our work:

  • we do not just projects, and tools for business;
  • We delve into the customer's requirements and do not take the time to achieve the best results;
  • Consulting is an integral part of any serious project;
  • solving tasks and in time;
  • think through every project, and in it lay the possibility of further development and amendments;
  • consider the change in the operation of the project is not the last stage of cooperation and always ready to professionally carry out work on the maintenance and development of the project and its filling.

For us, does not matter the scale of the project, each of which we treat with care. We will study your business requirements and offer the best web solution, whether it's corporate website of several pages, or global web-based system.

The method of cooperation with us, you choose yourself. This can be:

  • implementation of the established scope of work, according to a previously prepared technical specifications, when the amount and terms are fixed from the beginning;
  • signing of an agreement on long-term support of your life;
  • combination of the two ways described above.
  • more options?

We are constantly developing, we follow the world trends in web development and try to immediately implement the best achievements of the industry both in design and in software solutions. We are constantly adding new activities and, consequently, new services for our clients.