Creation, website development and website design in KunKan Studio

Website development and website design in Kiev and Ukraine

KunKan Studio is a team of professionals providing a full range of services for creating, maintaining and supporting your business on the Internet.
KunKan Studio - a consumer market research, creating and maintaining web sites, planning and implementation of online advertising campaigns, development of web-sites, web design services, CRM systems, consulting and more.

KunKan Studio - creating exclusive corporate site or business card, which is able to bring the popularity of your company and very obscene profits.

We will create a personalized Internet project working for you and for your clients.

We exist only one goal - to please every client, giving him complete an individual project, cloistered specifically for their needs with appropriate safeguards.


Development of the site.


Create a site - it is to get an effective tool to attract customers, business partners and marketing products in the world market without restrictions in time and space. The Internet gives everyone the opportunity to express themselves, so be faster and more original than others!

Be more successful your competitors!

Our studio will give you a unique website that is not and will not be your competitors.

Your site - the face of your business online, and we - will help to make it presentable as possible, functional and comfortable!

Web site design.

Appearance of the site - this is not the last vesh lobules, which plays an important role in the perception of information, so the design of sites dolezhen meet their intended purpose and meaning. This rather laborious process involves the entire kopleks analysis, since the estimated audience and ending with a combination of color "in Feng Shui."

In addition to a range of services to develop the layout of site design and its implementation in the Internet project could be developed a complete corporate identity package with a professional
unique design from business cards and ending with folders and posters.

Software solutions.

For simplicity and convenience of humanity every day modernizes, simplifies and automates. We also do not stand still.
Our software solutions as automate and simplify management of the site. Almost any item that is visible on the screen of our production site - it's automatically generated information, which is guided by only a few clicks of a mouse in our control panel

For control does not need to possess any technical skills and basic knowledge enough to "clatter mouse."

Full-featured content management panel is created individually for each customer because of its comfort and ease of understanding.

Business process management with software solutions - that's what KunKan Studio predlagat its customers.