The cost of developing the site

How is the cost?

The approximate cost of the work you can see on the page with the appropriate service (left menu). The amounts are inclusive of the average customer requirements for these types of services and are characterized by the amount of which can be a start, but do not balk at the individual approach to each task.

We understand that the customer wants to know what is included in the creation of the site or other services in our studio.
Of course, it is not is not taken out of the ceiling amount.

The development site includes a list of works:

Competitor Analysis
Defining the target audience
Create individual graphic design.
Function elements
Cross-browser layout.
Create a site management system, which is individually designed for your website.
Education work with the management system.
Preparations for hosting and domain name (if necessary).
Drawing and editing (if necessary).
Purchase (if we do not draw it yourself) and the processing of photographs and other images used in the design, as in compliance with copyright laws we observe.
Submit your site to search engines.
Installation of site attendance statistics (counters at your discretion and attendance monitoring system, developed by us).
Additional modules and features that we develop a non-standard or additional solutions (everything is agreed on separately.)

Development of CRM includes the additional steps:

Learning the subtleties of record-keeping clients on your company
Adaptation of the interface under any degree of staff training (meaning training to work with PC)
Setting up the server (your kofisnogo or external) for the system in the office, and with external access.
Due to the unique accounting clients develop and document the most convenient controls that are designed to simplify
Resident Engineer for staff training

The cost of any services affected by maturity as perform a given task.
We call the customer time, which according to our experience yavletsya posavlennoy optimal for the task, but sometimes there are times when you need urgent development.
In this we are always happy to go to meet the customer!

But the acceleration is taken for the service an additional payment, calculated using the formula below:
PP - The planned period, one that is planned, according to studio estimates
TR - Time required, one that requires the client, ie "Make faster, I need urgent"
IC - Initial Cost - the cost of the contract taking into account the planned date
UA - The ultimate amount - the amount that goes after settlement

PP / TR =IC x UA

Suppose that the formula does not scare you, this is just a formality, which eliminates the additional questions like:
"And why corporate site for 4 days worth twice as much than eight days?"

Experience shows that our studio is developing a unique individual projects in a timeframe that is quite convenient for our customers. In other words, if a corporate site, we suggested that a contract for 15 days, it is itself a normal life for the exclusive operation. And if we hand over the project earlier than stated in the contract period, then no additional cost to the customer does not ask.

We want to once again clarify that the development of sites and other systems in our company has a highly qualified real value.
Only a professional approach to work is a guarantee of success.