The most important part of any design studio - portfolio. We're not trying to prove that we are doing the most brilliant works of genius only art. 

We take no quantity but quality!

Here are provided as examples of the work of our designers, as well as examples of our work is already running. We design and software design of the site under the requirements of each customer individually, so - here are displayed not only by our ideas, and ideas of our customers because we have to cater to them.

We just want to give you more objective information for reflection, to show real examples of sites and our work style. The conclusions do you only.

If you
liked the examples of work, we look forward to your call!

 International Investment Partners - investment bank that provides integrated strategic and financial advisory services with a special  focus on cross-border transactions involving Eastern European companies.

 Site address: http://iip.us/
Shop Online Visage Butique.

Site address: visage-butique.com.ua
The company specializes in providing various forms of assistance during the insurance claims. One of the few companies in its field, which is not dependent on large insurance companies.

Site address:http://smileservice.com.ua/

Alex Cars Company leases cars of different classes and grades, as well as boats for long walks near the coast of Odessa and other countries.

Site address: http://alex-cars.ru/

  Photographer Marina Danilova

  Site address: http://mdanilova.com/

Official website of the photographer Vladimir Zhukov

Site address:  http://zhukof.ru/

Club "Empire of the Mafia"

Site address: http://imperiamafii.kunkanstudio.com/